Mates in St Cergue

We’ve just got back from a lovely weekend with our friends up in St Cergue. These are the same friends who are kindly letting us stay at their other place in Le Bouveret over half term. We’ve know these guys for yonks and enjoyed many boarding trips with them over the years. More so before we all had kids to be fair but the kids are getting to an age where we’ll be able to pick up where we left off soon. In fact they’ll be leaving us standing in no time!

They live up in St Cergue which is in the Jura mountains above Nyon and is a popular commuter village for people working in the Geneva and Nyon areas. It has great proximity and reliable transport links of less than 30 minutes to Geneva airport. It is also just down the road from a couple of nice ski areas and has a small local area called Basse Ruche which is perfect for kids and beginners with 3 small slopes, a button, a rope tow, a sledging hill and a cozy restaurant.

We spent the mornings down at Basse Ruche letting the kids (and me! ;)) blast around before lunch at the excellent Rando Burger in town which has a very encouraging queue outside the door before they open at 12.00pm. It’s also got a cool flipper counter on the wall for Facebook likes and when you hit ‘like’ on your phone it immediately flips over the number on the counter. The kids loved that!

Naomi’s been doing a lot of snowshoeing recently and Nina joined her and her pals for their monthly moonlit snowshoe walk around the surrounding woodland followed by fondue and wine.

Pete and I put the kids to bed, cracked open a few beers and watched Castaway. Rock and roll!!

We all had a brilliant weekend and it was great to catch up. Next time we see them, they’ll be visiting us in Les Gets!

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