Up-Stix 2.0

Hi there! Welcome to Up-Stix! My name’s James and this blog is now about all sorts of stuff… Hopefully, the overarching themes are, that it’s entertaining, uplifting and an enjoyable place to visit!

If you’re into mountains, bikes, snowboards, Les Gets, Morzine, the Portes du Soleil, the outdoors, travel, nature, intriguing power-of-the-mind stuff, progressive ideas, having a laugh and uplifting things in the world, then you’re in luck, because I am too, so there’s plenty of all that.

Up-Stix actually started life a few years ago when we decided to sell-up and ship-out to the French Alps with our two young whipper-snappers in tow, a van crammed with outdoor toys and nowhere to live! Here’s the old ‘About Us’ page if you’d like to find out more.

I do the writing, Nina’s the chief photographer and the kids provide extra challenges to the delivery of written content and photographs. 😂…  Just kidding.

Over the years, we’ve blogged about the area, the mountains, the sports and our new lives over here and it’s all still there in the archives if you fancy a browse but recently it was time for a change

In the pursuit of authenticity I wanted to open up the scope of the subject matter and stop trying to squash things into separate niches in different places. We also binned any plans for advertising, sponsorship or affiliate marketing and added a ‘Keep It Real’ button instead. If you visit, you like it and you want to, you can contribute to keeping us going and hopefully that’ll work out.

Anyway, thanks very much for visiting and we really hope you enjoy it. You can find links to our latest posts below/beside or head back to our home page to browse the categories.

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