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We moved to Les Gets/The Portes du Soleil a few years ago with our kids, to start a new chapter in our lives and take advantage of this fabulous French mountain lifestyle.

We came for the mountains, the scenery , the lifestyle, the snow, the snowboarding, the skiing, the mountainbiking, the summers, the sports, the activities and to immerse ourselves in a new culture and new communities.  

We started Up-Stix when we committed to taking the plunge. As well as being a blog about our journey, it’s become a useful, ‘alternative’ source of local information for our visitors’ about the area, the activities, the biking, the boarding and all sorts of other fantastic activities and services.

We hope you find Up-Stix useful and entertaining and don’t forget to follow us on social media or sign-up to e-mail to get the latest updates.

Cheers for stopping by and enjoy your visit. 👍

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Is mountain biking the best sport EVER?...

Sure is… Thanks for visiting… Have a nice day… 😂

Alright… I might be a bit biased, but there are so many aspects to mountain biking, so many benefits and so many outstanding contradictions that I can’t help thinking, it might just have it all. 🤔

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Les Gets

A beautiful alpine village sitting high on a col with skiing and boarding to suit all levels and one of the best know bike parks in the World.

Fabulous restaurants, bars and linked to the vast Portes du Soleil ski area…

Portes du Soleil

Gorgeous Alpine villages. One of the biggest linked ski areas and bike parks in the world, spanning the Franco-Swiss border.

Oodles of cheese, wine, stunning mountain scenery, awesome activities, unforgettable experiences…

Mountain Biking

‘Schralping’ through the berms, ‘brapping’ over the roots, ‘clattering’ through a rocky section. Then off the brakes and ‘whoompf’ for a big poppy hit… Perfect silence and a flying-breather…

Total engagement, total concentration, total focus!..


Big, fat, fluffy flakes cascading out of the sky onto tantalising layers of sweet fluffy snow…

Wake the next morning and peer excitedly out of that same window to find…


Meditation, visualisation and an optimised mindset can cheer you up or change your life! 

We’re well into this stuff and research is showing that the limits of possibility may go way beyond what we previously thought and could unlock potential we’ve only dreamed about…

This n' that

Not everything fits into the other categories and if it doesn’t, it’s doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not worthy of a place… And that place is here…

Mildly Amusing. 🤪

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Hi there! Welcome to Up-Stix! My name’s James and this blog is now about all sorts of stuff… Hopefully, the overarching themes are, that it’s entertaining, uplifting and an enjoyable place to visit!..