Up Stix

Up Stix started life a few years ago as a blog to document and share our experiences moving from the UK and starting new lives in the Portes du Soleil.

We made the move to start a new chapter and to take advantage of this fabulous French mountain lifestyle while our kids were young. We came for the mountains, the scenery, the lifestyle, the snow, the snowboarding, the skiing, the mountain biking, the summers, the activities and to immerse ourselves in a new culture and new communities.  

Up Stix became a source of entertainment for our visitors and a useful point of information about the area, the activities and the local services.

As time went by though, we couldn’t keep it going. Much as we loved it, it reached a point where we had to step away. Our posts dwindled and our content slipped gradually backwards into the recesses of the Internet’s archives.

As one door closes, another one opens, they say. Life takes its twists and turns and funnily enough, Up Stix ended up acting as a springboard to exciting new things for both of us. It opened up new avenues to explore and elevated some of our interests into true passions. We figured it was time to come back here, have a spring clean and share what we’ve been up to.

Nina’s isn’t really new news. She took her photography to the next level a few years ago with professional gigs, sought-after photographic art and a string of satisfied customers. I, on the other hand, am just getting ready to take my writing to the next level with the imminent release of my first proper book and I’ve got my fingers well crossed!

If you want to check out Nina’s photography or order a copy of my new book, you can find more info through the links below.

We hope all’s well in your world/s and cheers for stopping by. 👍