Mountain Biking

Trees whipping past in a blur, eyes on stalks, every muscle and sinew working in harmony to both delicately tiptoe and aggressively muscle your beloved rig down the best line at full chat!

Total engagement, total concentration, total focus.

‘Schralping’ through the berms, ‘brapping’ over the roots, ‘clattering’ through a rocky section. Then off the brakes and ‘whoompf’ for a big poppy hit… Perfect silence and a flying-breather… Spot the landing and ‘phwoop’! Off we go again!

Pop out the bottom of the trail, heart pumping, adrenaline flowing to share some excited, manic chatter with your mates (or the fam) before the next one. Yeah buddy!

So good.

Summers over here are amazing and the biking in Les Gets, the Portes du Soleil and beyond is awesome!

This section’s all about the riding.

2020.09 UPStix James jumping the black line gap Bike Park Les Gets .JPG

Mountain Biking Blog Posts

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