Snowboarding is the dog’s cajonés… Blasting through floaty powder, roosting big turns and sending it.

The culture, the ethos, the sensations. The scenery, the progression, the style, the exhilaration and the powder. Awesome! 

You just can’t beat the feeling of riding powder and the anticipation of an impending powder day is something else!..

Peeping out of the window before hitting the sack to find big, fat, fluffy flakes cascading out of the sky onto tantalising layers of sweet fluffy snow…

Waking the next morning to glance excitedly out of that same window and find that the snow’s stopped falling and the clouds have cleared, leaving behind deep pristine blankets and pillows of untouched pow, glistening in the brilliant sunshine…  And, it’s time to ride!

I love it so much, I’m writing a book about it. Stay tuned.

Snowboarding - Up-Stix, White Room.