Flights booked! We’re off!

Flights booked! We’re off!

Yikes! Flights booked to scope out the next chapter!

5 weeks ago we arrived back from our summer holiday in Spain, tarted up the house, whacked it on the market and 2 weeks later, accepted an offer. We then made the decision to follow a dream to ‘up-sticks’ and move our family out to the Alps for a couple of years of fun and excitement!

EasyJet flights booked


We have just this minute got the flights booked to Geneva for the two of us during half-term. The plan is to leave the kids with our folks and head over to Morzine for a few days. We’ll be exploring, looking at properties and generally sussing out the next exciting chapter in our lives.

“A few days abroad, just the two of us!”

We’ve spent some time riding in the Portes Du Soleil in the past but have visited the town of Morzine itself only once. Funnily enough, on that day Nina bought a pregnancy test from a pharmacy there and we found out we were going to become parents. Fate, me thinks?..

We’re pretty freakin’ excited about this trip and it’ll be even sweeter to have a few days abroad, just the two of us, for the first time in 7 years!

(A couple of hours later) –  It turns out that it is currently Autumn ‘inter-season’ which is one of the two periods between Winter/Summer and Summer/Winter where everything shuts down and a lot of the locals go away on holiday. Whilst it’s quiet in town, they recharge their batteries for the next onslaught of visitors. For that reason, there’s not much available in terms of accommodation but we’ve managed to book a little Hotel, “L’Igloo” and it looks like it’ll fit the bill very nicely.

Right, we better give the grandparents a call to double check they’re still OK to have the kids…