Autumn trees near St Jean D’Aulps, 2018.

Autumn Trees St Jean D'Aulps 2018

I’ve been swivel necking for a couple of weeks, looking for a good piece of mixed woodland to get some nice aerial footage of the autumn trees. I had a few spots in mind but was just waiting for the leaves to turn properly before heading out and hitting the skies with the drone.

The leaves appear to turn at different times depending on aspect, altitude and exposure. A lot of them aren’t quite there yet, colour-wise. Also, it looked like the weather was going to get worse at the back end of this week. We needed to get some footage before the rain arrived, while the colours are good and before a storm comes along and blows them all off. There’s even a heavy dump of snow in next week’s forecast. No doubt that could see off a few of the more flimsy hangers-on.

I dropped a mate off in St Jean D’Aulps last night. On the way back, I spotted a nice looking piece of mountainside with some lovely colours. The drone was in the van, there was a lay-by right there and a nice spacious stretch of dry riverbed to fly from. GAME ON!

Seeing something so familiar from a different perspective is amazing. The footage looking straight down on the tree tops is almost other worldly. Magnificent! I could watch it for hours. Anyway… Here’s the result: