What’s Nina been up to?.. Here’s that explanation I promised.

What’s Nina been up to?.. Here’s that explanation I promised.

I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago that we were having a bit of a change of direction and that Nina had taken things to the next level with her photography…

I also said I’d explain more about that later… Well, they say ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ and the one at the start of this post from our Mossettes camping trip might do the trick but that’d put me out of a job, so please keep reading for the full story. 😂

Nina’s always loved taking photos. She’s got a great natural eye for a photo and knows how to give them a little tweak to really get the best out of them. On top of that, she’s patient and loves to learn.

Since we moved here, she’s taken plenty of photos for the blog, for our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages and the images have just got better and better.

She’s gradually upgraded her gear and has invested a considerable amount of time and effort researching, learning and practicing to improve every aspect of her work.

She’d frequently take a look at the evening sky and bolt off somewhere to capture an image while I put the kids to bed, or, she’d set an alarm before sunrise and disappear off with snow shoes in hand and a back pack full of camera gear to get a shot she wanted in the morning light… No thanks… 😐

Hats off though. I’ve been impressed!

A while back and much to my delight 🙄, prints on different materials and in different frames started appearing all over the house (not just on the walls!). A process of trial and error led to improving results until she eventually found a perfect match for her photographic style, displayed on brushed aluminium.

The material accentuates and highlights the depth and detail of her local ‘mountain scenery’ subject matter, capturing familiar vistas and details from around Les Gets, Morzine and the Portes du Soleil in a breathtaking way. As the light changes throughout the day, or as you move around the room, the texture of the image on the metal catches the light in different ways, bringing to life an ever-changing piece of artwork.

With this new discovery, our chalet started filling-up with more ‘experimental’ (and pricey! Gulp!) metal pieces until, thankfully, some of them started finding new places to hang out.

The first was the new and rather fancy Alpine homeware shop ‘Arpin’ in Les Gets. They loved them and immediately chose several pieces for their walls. Thanks guys!

Since then, Nina’s been applying the same passionate approach to getting them out there and in front of people as she has done for the photography.

Her artwork is now displayed in a number of places in and around Les Gets/Morzine and have been purchased to hang in some very nice penthouses and chalets. Last week she received a pre-order for 10(!) pieces for a new build property! It’s still early days but the momentum seems to be growing and she’s really excited to see where it goes.

If you’d like to see what she’s been up to, you can visit her website at Nina Clare Photography.

Good luck Nina, hopefully it’s a big success and while you crack on, the kids and I will be working on our Christmas lists… Ahem! 😉👇🙏😂


Bonne soirée y’all!