Onwards and upwards fellow humans!

Onwards and upwards fellow humans!

OK, buckle up, we’re off on a detour!

This starts out a bit heavy compared to the usual Up-Stix posts but hold on, because it’s a hopeful one in the end. It’s also a bit of an intro to another vein of content I’d like to explore on the blog.

Ahem! *clears throat*

Many of us are lucky enough to live in reasonably comfortable bubbles of existence. You don’t need to peep your head out for long though, to be reminded that there are some significant challenges looming. One of them recently bowled up out of the blue, hammered on the door, slapped us in the face and reminded us of our relative insignificance. Cheers COVID!

Unfortunately, that’s probably the least of our worries…

  • Our climate is changing, our planet is heating up and weather patterns are becoming more extreme.
  • There’s less ice, more deserts and rising sea levels.
  • We’re poisoning, polluting and wiping things out at an alarming rate.
  • We’re destabilising, decimating and destroying planetary ecosystems.
  • The population is growing but habitable areas are decreasing.
  • We have problems with division, extremism, inequality, ignorance and all sorts of other social issues.
  • Superpowers are posturing, the arms race continues and as the pressures increase, so will the tension.


We seem to be locked in some self-destructive cycles in an unsustainable system and whether we like it or not, we’re all in it together. We are a bigger, more global civilisation than ever before and history shows us that civilisations have a tendency to collapse, especially with triggers or catalysts like the ones above.

Just because that’s what happened before, doesn’t mean we have to let it happen again…

Like most people, I’ve felt a bit helpless to do anything particularly useful. Unsurprisingly I haven’t got a lot of confidence in politicians, world leaders or big business to do much useful either, because their general track record kind of speaks for itself.

Also, a lot of people just don’t care…

I’ve heard:

‘My life’s already pretty good. I think a lot of it is just fear mongering.’


‘Nothing’ll happen ’til I’m long-gone anyway, so I’m not bothered.’


‘Ah well, we’ll just move to Mars and start again’…

I’ve gotta be honest… Mars looks flipping boring!.. Give me a call when it’s covered in forests, rivers, lakes, animals, bike-trails and snow-capped peaks. We already have all that here and it only took 4.5 billion years of evolution to get there!

“Woah, woah, woah! Steady on Jim lad! This is all a bit negative… What happened to wild camping on Mossettes and shredding the bike park?”

Bear with me… I’m on the turn…

As Richard Branson, Mercedes F1 and many a performance guru will attest: With any problem or challenge, it’s worth looking at things objectively to learn lessons and find more successful ways to move forward. You can then focus your energy and efforts on solutions and new outcomes rather than getting bogged down in the problem.

If you want to achieve something, you have to have a clear vision of where you want to go and then keep taking steady steps towards it. If it’s a team goal, everyone in the team needs to be focused on and pulling towards the same outcome to make the best progress.

There are loads of people across the world, working on solutions, raising awareness and doing their bit regarding the challenges above but think what amazing progress we could make if the vast majority of us (the team) were united behind a clear and shared vision of where we want to go.

OK… When you read this next bit, please keep an open mind. I’m free-styling here, so don’t get too hung up on impracticalities or improbabilities. Just go with me for now…

Take a deep breath… And imagine this…

You’ve just woken up and opened your eyes after the most comfortable night’s sleep ever! The night before took some beating but they do just seem to be getting better and better. You didn’t need an alarm this morning because there’s nowhere you’ve got to go and there’s nothing you need to get done.

You’re free to spend the day doing whatever you want, but for now you’re just going to lie there. You’re just going to spend a few minutes enjoying the peace, contemplating the state of the world and how lucky you are to be alive at such an incredible time.

All of your needs are taken care of. You’ve got access to an abundance of food, drink, water, a lovely home, unlimited energy, climate control and all the latest comforts and technologies you could wish for. You’re safe, secure, healthy and relaxed. You’ve got everything you want and need, and it’s all free!..

And… You’re not just one of the lucky ones either… It’s the same for everyone…

For some reason, a few years ago and quite inexplicably, World leaders, rollers and shakers at Davos decided that they were going to put all differences aside and unite behind a new system and vision for Earth. 😲

Nobody quite knows why it happened, even the people that were there, but for some reason, it did…

They announced that they were going to lead a seismic shift from the system of financial competition to one of cooperative wellbeing and they wanted everyone on Earth to get on board. Nobody quite knew what it all meant at first but the changes started immediately and the vision began to emerge.

They announced that everyone on Earth would be given a home and a living wage. With immediate effect, all debts would be cancelled and the nations of the world would begin high-pace military disarmament. It was a total commitment to lasting peace.

There were a few teething problems, some adjustments and a lot people had a lot of concerns but as the new system started to bed-in, some miraculous things started to happen.

Now that everyone’s needs were not just met but exceeded, and now that they and their families were safer and more secure than ever before, a raft of changes blossomed. Crime rates plummeted, stress levels reduced, health improved. We discovered that when the pressure and stresses of financial burdens were removed and people were free to pursue their passions, they flourished and thrived.

And not only that, the majority of people wanted to help out, they wanted to contribute to the collective progress. They enjoyed the feelings of purpose and they wanted to contribute for the benefit of each other and the enhanced sense of unity.

Vast amounts of skill, knowledge, expertise and energy which had previously been caught up in military development and escalating the cycle of consumer demand was freed up to focus on sustainability and long-term progress.

Engineering creativity exploded, driving a cosmic leap forward in life-enhancing technologies and solutions in every sector.

Zero point energy systems were developed, delivering unlimited, free and sustainable energy anywhere in the world or space.

Travel was revolutionised, with high-speed connections around the world. You can literally travel anywhere on Earth within a matter of minutes.

Space exploration, travel and colonisation proliferated. We’ve now got communities on nearby planets and have manned missions and bases beyond our solar system.

Any roles that people didn’t want to do in society have been mechanised or computerised.

Every education resource and accelerated learning program is freely available and accessible to anyone. As education levels increased, ignorance, extremism and antisocial behaviour reduced even further.

We developed an AI system that was able to process and store the sum of human knowledge and we’ve been using it as an advisory system for decision making. It’s able to consider every available piece of fact, evidence and relevant information without bias or opinion, to offer recommendations, suggestions and predictions. Every single recommendation so far has been accepted and followed and they have all proved to be positive courses of action.

The same system has been used to map, monitor and manage global resources and ecosystems.

We developed processes and technologies to reverse the impact of human activity on the climate and natural ecosystems. Climate patterns and global temperatures have been restored to pre-industrial revolution levels. Hey… If you’re an Up-Stix fan, the chances are you’re a snow fan too. Well guess what?.. No more iffy winters, there’s tonnes of the stuff again. Lovely cold, deep fluffy pow for days! And… You can get to it in minutes, anywhere in the world. All year round! Wahoo! And, snowboards are free!

As life got better, knowledge proliferated and divisions faded, we began to see ourselves not just as individuals but as part of a larger organism of humanity and life on Earth. We could see the benefits for everyone and for us all personally of operating in balance and harmony.

Life is pretty sweet my friend and that bed of yours is so damn comfortable!

So, are you going to stay there for the day or go and do something else? – I’m going riding with Nina and the kids, then a skydive, we’re going to nip back to the UK for lunch with the folks, then Australia to pop in on family this afternoon, then I’m going to go to the moon to watch the sun set before chilling out and writing a bit of my book… Have a good one and catch you later!


Okay… Another deep breath… *Clicks fingers*… And, you’re back in the room!


Now, I know this might sound like a bunch of ideological nonsense, unrealistic or a stretch of the imagination but how cool would that actually be?..

Peace, unity, abundance, opportunity and freedom for all sound pretty sweet to me! You’ve got to have something to aim for, you’ve got to have a vision of where you want to go, so why not make it a great one!

Imagine being the generation in history that bucked the trend, changed the pattern and allowed future generations to live lives that looked more like that?

I’ve just dipped a toe in here but there are loads of interesting ideas out there and I’d like to explore and write more about them because I find it interesting and I’d like to focus more of my energy in the direction I’d like to see things go… What do you reckon?

Feel free to let me know what you think by commenting below or you can always nip over to facebook and leave something there.

Peace out fellow Earthling! ✌️😉

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