New developments in Les Gets [VIDEO] – A lot’s changed in the last couple of years. 😲

New Developments in Les Gets Vieux Chene and the Boomerang restaurant

We know there are loads of you who are itching to get back to Les Gets after a couple of years or more of missing out on visits to your favourite winter playground… Well, you might be little surprised at some of the changes since your last visit… And by changes, we mean the new developments in Les Gets… There’s been tonnes of ’em!

Do you remember that video that we posted in Autumn 2018?.. It seemed like a lot was going on then but it feels like it accelerated during the pandemic. We’ve had another camera-wielding, drive-around, so you can check out what’s going on now!


A few of the properties on here are private projects but amazingly, almost everything on this vid that was developed to sell has sold out.

Development is always going to be a contentious issue and I guess, as has become more evident then ever in recent years, everyone will have a completely different opinion. Actually, I would hazard a guess that a lot of people like to draw a line in the sand just after they’ve stepped over it. 🤣

At least the majority of these developments are attractive looking buildings. I don’t know the details but hopefully the developers and local authorities are constantly striving to improve energy efficiency and sustainable construction methods.

These are really just the latest deliveries from the steady flow in the pipeline. If you want to discover the next new developments in Les Gets or what else is available to buy in Les Gets right now, click here to find out more.

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