Inter-season construction in full swing!

Mairie and Construction Les Gets 2018

If you’re a regular visitor to Les Gets in winter or summer you’ll have noticed that there are always new buildings popping up here and there and old ones disappearing. This year seems busier than normal and autumn inter-season construction is in full swing!

Inter-seasons are always a cacophony of construction sounds and when the tourists go home, the construction teams arrive. There’s nothing major going on near us at the moment but if you’re living next to a pilling rig running all day, 6 days a week it can drive you round the bend!

In addition to the army of construction workers that arrive in town to get these jobs done are many of the residents. They’ll turn their hands to all manner of lucrative construction trades before going back to being ski instructors, patrollers, technicians, transfer drivers etc. when the tourists return!

As is always the case in places like Les Gets, the pace of development is rapid. The powers that be need to find a balance between meeting demand and staying competitive. All this whilst ensuring the infrastructure can sustain the expansion and all without spoiling the charm of the place.

Apparently this year is indeed more active than most as there are changes in planning laws coming into effect next year. The authority to issue planning permissions and to produce and enforce development plans will be shifted to the wider governmental prefecture rather than remaining with the local Marie. There’s a contentious issue regarding the reallocation of previously constructible land to non-constructible in some places and people are getting things done ahead of the rule change.

It’s always interesting to see what’s going on though, so we went out and about to make a little video of some of the works in progress. The first job-site engulfs the previous location of ‘Le Boomerang’ and there’s a big development charging on beside the ice rink in town. They took down a lovely old building to make way for this one. It was a bit of a shame but when you see the value of the new development, it’s days were always going to be numbered.


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