Drop the kids and hit the slopes!

Sun shining through the fog in Les Gets

So, I mentioned yesterday that due to the emotionally draining nature of yesterday’s first day at French school and with sun and blue skies forecast, we thought we might get out for a cheeky board this morning. The plan was to drop the kids and hit the slopes. Well we did, but the weather…

Sun shining through the fog in Les Gets
Sun trying to break though the fog!

Luckily it brightened up and we had an amazing morning! Snowboarding was our big mutual passion before we had kids but parenthood put the skids on that for a while. Today was the first time in 5 years that the two of us had got out for a board together and it was brilliant! The off-piste snow has suffered from the higher temperatures and rain but yesterday’s fresh snow had just perked everything up nicely with a light dusting of powder on top of groomed runs making for much rooster tail, powder plume fun.

The kids had a better day. T had a melt down again in the morning and a little wobble after lunch followed by his new afternoon-long sleep!

We picked the kids up and after yesterday’s nodding and flat-mouth-smiling, we got chatting to more of the parents and they all seem like a lovely, friendly bunch of people. It feels good being in the same boat with a load of other parents who are all here for the same thing.

After school we headed down to the town centre for today’s bribe of Bambins du Bois and a few of our new parent friends were down there for an ice-skate. We chatted some more and got some great info. It takes a while when you move to start finding out the best way to go about things and how to keep the costs down. It tuns out that if the kids are in school and on the list they get discounted skating. If they’ve got their own skates, it’s free! Excellent!