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In my opinion, Dr Joe Dispenza is doing some seriously cool work which is building some bridges between science and spirituality. He’s developing and researching a range of techniques that are helping people create profound change in their health, relationships, careers and other aspects of their lives. At the very least, there’s some excellent mood-lifting and immune-system boosting stuff to take away, both of which are pretty welcome right about now!

‘Dr Joe’ has been ‘doing the rounds’ for a good few years. Whilst he’s blipped onto my radar a few times over them, it wasn’t until a few months ago during the 1st confinement that I got hooked-in and super-interested.

If you’re already into this kind of stuff, it’s more ‘present moment awareness’ and ‘clear intention combined with elevated emotions’ stuff but the difference with Dr Joe is that he’s connecting so many dots and he’s measuring the processes and results to build clear explanations and provide evidence about the phenomena taking place. The observations have allowed him to refine the techniques which prove most effective and the evidence is strengthening people’s belief in the processes which is improving the results! Some of which are quite astonishing!

We’re all familiar with the placebo effect where people’s health conditions improve when they believe they are taking medication or receiving treatment when they are in fact, not. There’s also the nocebo effect where people experience negative side-effects from treatment, purely because of their negative expectations. Both these phenomenon are widely observed, acknowledged and accounted for in clinical trials, yet the power of the mind in affecting health still plays a tiny little second-fiddle to medication and medical intervention in mainstream western medicine.

Just last week there was a study in the news that suggested potentially 85% of negative side effects from taking statins could be generated by the nocebo effect. That is, that the symptoms are generated by the mind, belief and expectations of the people who are taking the drugs or in the case of the study, by taking a harmless sugar pill. Wow!

Well… Dr Joe Dispenza has basically been studying and working with the mechanisms of the mind, body and soul that cause these phenomenon…

His journey into this work started many moons ago when he was a young dude, running his own chiropody practice and hanging with his buddies. Whilst competing in a triathlon event, he got clattered by an SUV while on his bike and was left with extensive spinal injuries, including 6 broken vertebrae.

The prognosis was not good and the surgeons said his only option was extensive surgery, implanting metal rods in his spine. The chances of regaining normal movement were remote and the likelihood of ongoing pain was high. Without the surgery, his spine would be unable to support his weight and there was a risk of paralysis.

Against all the medical advice he decided to forgo the surgery. Deep down he beleived that the intelligence that had created his entire body from two cells and had been constantly supporting, maintaining and protecting him, could restore him to full health. With nothing to do for the foreseeable future but lie face down on his stomach, he decided he would shut off the outside world and get to work forming a relationship with that intelligence within. Nine weeks later, he got up and walked back into his life, a week after, he was back at work!

He has since embarked on a lifelong mission, researching neuroscience, epigenetics and quantum physics and has overlaid mind, body, soul and energetic practices, recording data and producing scientific evidence in the process. He has developed a system of practices and techniques which he discusses in his books and teaches at workshops.

The first chapter of his most recent book ‘Becoming Supernatural‘ (link to Amazon) tells the amazing story of a successful psychotherapist called Anna Willems. She was a manager and board member for major psychiatric institution in Amsterdam in 2007, married and a mum of 2 young children, when out of the blue her husband committed suicide.

She couldn’t come to terms with the trauma and it set in motion a chronic pattern of negative thoughts and emotions. She kept reliving the event mentally which was repeatedly triggering a cocktail of damaging stress chemicals into her body.

Over the next four years, she ended up losing her money, her house and her job. She got into an abusive relationship, suffered a lengthening list of health problems, found herself on more and more medication, lost the use of her legs for a period of time and was eventually diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. She reached the point where she herself became suicidal… Then, she had a total breakdown and hit complete rock bottom…

She knew, at this rate, she wouldn’t be around much longer for her kids and something had to change!

This was the turning point… She had set a new intention and had set in motion the beginnings of a new path. She stopped taking the medication, found a place to rent so she could get her and the kids away from the abusive partner and one month later a friend took her to one of Dr Joe’s workshops.

She worked relentlessly on rewiring the unconscious thought patterns, habits and emotional states that had emotionally and chemically conditioned her body over the last few years. She used meditation with clear intention and elevated emotion to reprogram her mind and body into a new state of being…

A year later, she began to notice positive changes in her health, nine months after that she had recovered from the majority of her health conditions. She received the all clear for her cancer diagnosis and the tumour in her oesophagus had disappeared. She had returned to being happy, healthy and stable.

Five years after she’d hit rock bottom, she founded a physchiatric institution employing more than 20 therapists and practitioners. At the time the book was written, she was (and hopefully still is) financially independent, in a loving relationship, travels the world and enjoys a full and happy life.

Not bad eh?.. I love this stuff!

Now, Dr Joe’s work covers a whole range of material but the leading edge, (at least the ‘trippy-est’ edge) could be when it comes to this next bit…

The first I heard of ayahuasca was watching Bruce Parry get stuck into a good few bowls of the stuff at a shamanic ceremony on the BBC’s ‘Tribe’. Lots of puking, psychedelic experiences and ultimately a humbling lesson followed. Bruce did love a shamanic ritual…

Anyway, Ayahuasca is know as the ‘teacher’ or ‘truth plant’ and loads of people now travel to ayahuasca therapy retreats all over the world to take place in these ceremonies in the hope of gaining insight or moving past trauma.

I recently read Oli Ollerton from SAS – Who Dares Wins’ book. It’s a transformational book called ‘Battle Ready‘ (link to Amazon) and in it he describes how he was traumatised and seriously injured by a chimp at a circus, when he was a kid.

He’d been playing with a baby chimp when the mother ran out of the shadows and set upon him, breaking bones and tearing his arms to shreds. It was an event that had had a profound effect him his whole life until he took part in an ayahuasca retreat in his 40s. It was organised as part of a PTSD charity program for military veterans and during his experience he relived some of the scene that had such an impact on his life from the perspective the chimp.

In his vision he was the chimp. He felt what she felt, he felt the threat, the fear and the primal rage as she prepared to attack and defend her baby from this creature standing above it. Living the scene from her point of view gave him fresh insight and completely shifted his perspective of the event to one of empathy and compassion. Great book actually… Really enjoyed it and very useful.



The active molecule in ayahuasca responsible for these visions and insights is called Dimethyltryptamine or DMT. It has been used in spiritual ceremonies for millennia and is now being used by many people and organisations across the world for it’s apparent therapeutic and healing properties. Dr Joe explains how DMT can actually be produced naturally by the pineal gland in the brain leading to the very same visions and insights. Not only that but he’s nailed down the technique to make it happen.

It’s effectively what is happening in when we hear of ‘releasing Kundalini energy’ and he explains how following a series of meditative exercises the brain and pineal gland manufacture a range of chemicals before eventually releasing releasing DMT in conjunction with a rush of energy from the body to the brain… I’ve had a go but nothing major to report so far …

There’s loads of free Dr Joe Dispenza content online, including on his website and on Youtube. I find listening to his explanations fascinating, and uplifting, and this one on Aubrey Marcus’s podcast is one of my favourites. See what you think. (Language warning in advance with a couple of ‘out of the blue’ F-bombs from Aubrey).


and he’s also written a few books including, ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’, ‘You Are The Placebo’ and the latest ‘Becoming Supernatural’ if you’re interested.



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