Cyclamen, Les Gets – A new blue run for 2019.

Cyclamen, Les Gets, the new blue run for 2019.

Cyclamen, Les Gets’ new blue piste for 2019 has been getting a lot of love this season.

Despite its construction completely levelling an old favourite and rather tasty ‘secret‘ bike trail, it’s added a fun little run back down from the top of the Nauchets or Chavannes, especially if you’re headed back towards the Lac des Ecoles.

The only way back down this way used to be Bleuet which was narrow, shallow and contained a tedious flat section. Now there’s a nice winding piste, through the trees with a little bit of everything.

I headed up early a few days ago to get some footage. It was very chilly and a far cry from the wall-to-wall blue skies and balmy temperatures that have descended for half term.

Finding Cyclamen, Les Gets:

From Llohty’s restaurant and the top of the Nauchets lift, drop down towards the Chavannes. After just a hundred metres or so turn left onto Cyclamen… Easy.

From here you’re straight into a fun roller-coastery section with bends, rollers and cat tracks to get a bit of ‘surprise’ air. It does cross two other pistes so make sure to scrub some speed and give way before getting back on the gas.

From here, Cyclamen widens and flattens before veering right and pitching steeper into a series of wide switch backs. Keep some speed (and your eyes peeled for walkers) as you exit the last right hander ready for the narrow and flatter section through the trees behind the Lac Des Ecoles.

You’ll find yourself popping out on the old bluet run. You can then head left towards the car park at the lake or carry on between the Restaurant du Lac and the bottom of the snowcross track. Very nice!