Contracts have been exchanged! It’s on!

It’s on! The contracts have been exchanged!

You can never really relax until those contracts are exchanged. Following a further delay, due to the buyers transferring the – thousands of pounds worth of – deposit over three days to avoid a £20 transaction fee (is it just me, or is that a bit weird?), it’s finally official and we’re definitely going!

All the solicitor’s blurb advises not booking removal companies etc. etc. until the exchange of contracts has taken place and now we’ve only got two weeks to crack on before we intend to leave.

Of course we’ve prepped as much as we could but we didn’t want to make any long term commitments until we knew it was happening so we’ll need to sort out a lot of stuff on the fly when we get to France.

Completion is set for the 5th Feb but we’re aiming to leave on the 29th January so I’m off to confirm the storage unit and book a Luton van for Friday!